2013 Season:

Hatchlings growing out now:
Several RAPTOR het Blizzard – from Giant Snow Blazing Blizzard het Eclipse X Giant RAPTOR.  Some of these are snows.
Several Mack Snow Tremper Albino het Diablo Blanco – clutchmates of the above.
Giant Mack Snows het Tremper Albino – bold stripes and jungles
Giant tangerines from Super Giant Designer X Geckoboa Gecko Genetics/Blood cross.  The nicest line of tangerines around.
Giant tangerines het RAPTOR from Super Giant RAPTOR X JMG hypo – exceptional carrot-tails expected on these.
Giant Emerines
More to come..

Several proven breeders and/or groups should be available later in the summer, mostly non-giants but some exceptional animals.

The “News” section has now become the “Articles” section.  I intend to post an ongoing series of articles based on various observations and hypotheses over the course of the next few months.  Installment one is entitled: “Lessons Learned:  Hidden Hets”, detailing this year’s experience with test breeding.  I hope you find them helpful.

Every effort is made to accurately represent all of my animals, and all photos used are as true to actual colors as I can get, without the use of Photoshop or other enhancement tools.  I am test breeding all of my males for hidden hets this year and next, and the females whenever possible as well, to ensure genetic integrity.   If an animal is a known het, it will be accurately described as such!  Giant genetics are co-dominant, and much less predictable than other traits, as they can be quite variable in size.  I do not use weights to characterize a homozygous Giant (Super Giant) from those that may be heterozygous, or not even Giants at all!  Weights are to show healthy growth and body mass.  As the breeder who discovered the Giant trait states in his documentation:  “Unless both parents are known Super Giants there are no visible ways to tell a Giant from a Super Giant until 10-12 months of age.”

Available now:  Giant Mack Snows, Mack Super Snows, Bolds and Sunglows, with many more on the way.

Please have a look around and check the sales page for available geckos.